Wednesday 26 February 2014

Checklist of Documents & Records - Filing Income Tax Returns [A.Y.2012-13]


Coming 31st of March 2014 is the last date of filing of income-tax returns for the FY 2011-12 [AY 2012-13], with late-payment interest. Also to note that, the due date of filing for FY 2012-13 [AY. 2013-14] was 5th August 2013 and it too attracts interest for late-payment.

Here we discuss the bare minimum required supporting documentation in order to prepare the ITR-form to file the income-tax returns, for Individuals & HUF - [herein referred as assessee].
  1. PAN card.
  2. Filed-Returns of the previous years, if any.
  3. Proof of Income, like payslips or paid vouchers or bank-statements showing the deposits.
  4. Full Annual statements of all the Saving-Bank Accounts held in the Name / PAN of assessee.
  5. TDS certificates, if any.
  6. Proof of Expenditure like receipts of, bills paid, rent paid, medical bills of self / dependents, etc.
  7. Proof of Deductions from Investments made [if any] like paid-receipts of, Life-Insurance, Mutual Funds, NSS, EPF, Tuition Fee of children, etc, or Donations for recognized institutions / organisations such as under Section 80G, 80GGA, etc.
  8. Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, other Audit reports wherever applicable.
#The documents to be provided should be photo-copy or scanned copy of the original documents and NOT the original documents itself.

Certain set of documents are needed for the return-preparer to analyse and aggregate income received to calculate the income-tax after any deductions as applicable. The deductions for example can be from the sub-sections of Section 80, in the case of  80C in the case of Life-Insurance policy or Housing Loan. There are others like 80G for donations to recognized institutions or 80GG for housing rent paid.

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